5. The Silver Chair

The Silver Chair (Audio Drama). 2005, Producer: Dave Arnold 

          C.S. Lewis is the sort of author not to focus on fantastic adventures in far away lands, as is the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, but to go above and beyond the norm. Sure, he sets his Chronicles of Narnia series in the fictional land of Narnia, with talking animals, deep magic and mythical creatures, but there’s something more to them. This “something more” is the fact that he takes Biblical truths and weaves them deep into the storyline and the characters. For example, the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was paralleled to the life and testimony of Jesus, with Jesus being the great lion Aslan. That’s one thing I have an appreciation for in his stories, it reinforces what I believe within Christianity and makes me look at it in a different perspective, The Silver Chair being one of them.

           Although the books are well-written and a good read, what I found more enjoyable was the audio dramas created about all of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. They combine the characters I love and the plotline I’ve grown to adore, with stunning music, voices and a level of realism you just can’t get out of a book. Out of all seven of the Narnia audio dramas, The Silver Chair was my overall favourite. The story is of London inhabitant’s Jill and Eustace. They stumble upon an entrance, quite by accident, to the world of Narnia. After they get there, Eustace realises that Narnia has changed dramatically since he was there last merely one year ago. Prince Caspian is now king but had grown feeble, infirm and weak. Just as they arrive, Caspian leaves to set sail to search for his lost son, Prince Rillian. After receiving instructions on how to find this prince from Aslan himself, they embark on an epic journey filled with peril, giants and witches. With no hope of ever making it alone, they resort to desperate measures, and even disobeying the instructions of Aslan to ensure their survival.

          The first thing that makes this story stand out is the sentimental value it has for me. Ever since I’ve been young, my family has had this thing for Focus on the Family radio dramas, such as The Silver Chair or Adventures in Odyssey. Every time there’s one of them playing inside our house, there’s the rest of my family as well. These audio dramas have become a vital part of our entertainment as a family.

          Another reason for placing The Silver Chair on my top ten list is the acting. The anxiety and struggle in the characters are obviously evident in the voices of the actors. They make the characters they play sound like I had imagined them to after reading the book.


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