2. The Bones of Makaidos

The Bones of Makaidos (Novel). 2009, Author: Bryan Davis.

          This book is the thrilling conclusion to Bryan Davis’ Eye of the Oracle series. It combines the fantastical world of dragons, knights and wizards, with the modern world, while also bringing in Biblical references and characters, such as Enoch and Noah. This multi-dimensional, edge-of-your-seat fictional fantasy is, quite literally, the best book I have ever read.

          Two of the main characters, Billy Bannister, and Bonnie Silver are both anthrozils, fully human and fully dragon. Billy has the amazing ability to breathe fire, while Bonnie has two majestic draconic wings. Otherwise, they look entirely human. The whole premise of the book mostly takes place in another dimension, named Second Eden. There, the barrier to Heaven is visually evident but is protected by a shield placed there by God himself. The forces of evil, headed by the former knight, Sir Devin, have found a way to link the world of Hades, with the world of Second Eden through portals. Sir Devin then boldly approaches the shield of Heaven, along with the forces of Hades, in an attempt to break the barrier and force their way into Heaven. Of course, God Almighty would never allow such and appoints Billy, Bonnie, and the residents of Second Eden in a heated battle against Hell itself. All the while, Sapphira Adi, an Oracle of Fire, takes a visit to Heaven and learns critical information about the task ahead of her. With the entire universe seemingly spinning out of control, we find out in The Bones of Makaidos if Billy and his friends are the right people to save Heaven, or if the universe is in jeopardy forever.

          First of all, it’s impossible for any honest reader to deny a novel with a description of that sort. Something within us all longs for a fantastical world, where adventures are commonplace, and not a single day is dull and boring. That’s exactly what intrigued me to pick up The Bones of Makaidos. There is not a single mundane moment in this entire book. Bryan Davis, being a New York Times Bestselling Author, creatively employs descriptive wording for sceneries, characters that you grow to love, as well as a dash of humour and a pinch of romance. All the characters have dynamic and differing personalities from each other. Some are depicted as humorous, but yet brave. Others are filled with wisdom and insight, and more are described as being weak, but strong willed. I love the creativity of Davis with his entire realm of dimensions, and how the characters have unique adventures in every one. Once you pick up this book, it’s near impossible to put down.



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