1. Inception

Inception (Film). 2010, Dir: Christopher Nolan.

          All throughout Inception, the main character, named Dom Cobb, daydreams back to the days when he enjoys time with his wife and kids. However, his wife, Mal, doesn’t leave Cobb a warm, fuzzy feeling. His now deceased wife haunts his mind, his memories, and even his career, which just happens to be an idea thief. His career is to enter people’s dreams and to snatch unguarded thoughts and ideas from the current world leaders. However useful this job may be, his previous attempts have made him a fugitive with the government and cost him everything he had. But now, Dom wants to do more, not just to steal thoughts, but to plant them, which proves to be an atrocious and dangerous ordeal. In addition to this, there seems to be a mysterious enemy always one step ahead of him, determined to end his career.

          One of the things that truly made Inception stand out for me was Dom’s intriguing and creative career, a thief, with the unusual ability to enter people’s dreams and steal ideas and towards the end of the movie, to plant ideas. The vast and incredibly intricate strategy he conjures with his “dream team” is absolutely stunning. Every little detail is thought of and planned for. No possibility is unexpected.

          While there are innumerable reasons why I could have placed Inception at the top of my list, the one that sticks out is the depth that this movie goes into. I found myself at the end of the film, marvelling in how much it made me think. We’re left bouncing between three or four plotlines all twisting, converging and affecting each other, all in a way that’s not confusing, but makes you take an interest in what’s going on. That’s what made this story especially memorable for me. It was that sort of film that didn’t leave you thinking “Well that was a good movie.” It went so far beyond that, so much so that I found myself thinking about the twisting plotlines, all the different scenes, but especially the ending, hours and even days after it ended.


Don’s totem. Only he knows how it operates, how long it spins, how much it wobbles etc. If it behaves exactly like he thinks it will, he knows he’s in the real world and not in someone else’s dream.



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    Wow. I think you’re the most amazingist person in the whole world.

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