6. Circles of Seven

Circles of Seven (Novel). 2005, Author: Bryan Davis.

          This exciting addition to the series Dragons In Our Midst is one to be revered. Circles of Seven, by far, is the most well-written book out of the entire series. It combines the fantasy aspect that I’ve grown to love with an incredibly interesting plotline.

          The story is centred around two anthrozils, Billy Bannister and Bonnie Silver, who are fully dragon and fully human. The great knight Sir Devin has been kept alive by supernatural powers by Morgan, a wraith who just happens to dabble in the spiritual realm, or in other words, a sorcerer. Both of their goals to kill Billy and Bonnie by whatever means necessary. During Bannister’s and Silver’s escape from Morgan and Devin, they stumble upon a portal that brings them to the seven circles of Hades. Within each of these circles is a test of character and integrity, that both of them must pass to advance into the next circle. At the innermost circle lies the great dragon, Arramos, an ancient noble dragon who is inhabited by Satan himself. Billy and Bonnie’s goal is to slay the dragon and find the bones of an ally, in order to raise him from the dead.

          One of the reasons I’ve grown to love Circles of Seven is the genre. My fascinations towards the fantasy realm have increased over the years. Dragons, knights, magic and different realms are all interests of mine. However, this book doesn’t take place in a world far, far away. For the most part, the setting is Earth, which adds a sense of realism to it. The Earth environment makes certain parts of the book almost seem like it actually could have happened. Bryan Davis does a fantastic job of bringing together the fantasy element that I love, with great writing, dynamic characters and a fascinating plotline.


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