7. Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (Film). 2013, Director: Guillermo del Toro.

         Remember the old King Kong movies or any sci-fi movie where there’s an attack on Tokyo? Every single one of them ends up being the same. A giant monster appears out of nowhere, slowly attacking everything in its way while moving towards its ultimate goal, Tokyo. Eventually, the military builds machinery to take it down, it dies, there’s lots of damage and the hero gets the girl. While this predictable plotline is present in the new blockbuster Pacific Rim, it goes above and beyond this. The old black and white sci-fi movies that have become treasured classics have been repolished, rebuilt and revamped in Pacific Rim.

          In Pacific Rim, Earth comes under the attack of gigantic alien creatures, named the Kaiju, through an interdimensional portal that spontaneously appears at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. None of Earth’s military efforts succeeds, so the countries of the world pool resources to create the giant, monster fighting machines, nicknamed Jaeger. These work for a while, but the Kaiju continue to get bigger and stronger and start destroying the Jaeger, so two Kaiju experts resort to other methods to figure out the Kaiju’s plans, such as accessing a Kaiju brain in order to access their memory banks. 

          Typically, a movie is named grand based on the characteristics of the characters or climax. But to be perfectly honest, I didn’t find Pacific Rim particularly memorable for these reasons, but mostly based on the graphics. The intense battle scenes between the Jaeger and the ever-growing Kaiju just keep getting bigger and better. Music and sound effects are all included in this too. The excellent soundtrack of this movie brought chills down my spine. In my opinion, this one part of the film was very well done and made it one of my all time top ten stories.

          However, there were some things to be said about the plot and the characters of Pacific Rim. If this were solely a movie based on epic fight scenes and monster vs. robot battles, it wouldn’t be terribly exciting. It’s the slow, interactions between the main characters. Watching how they act around certain people and taking note of when and why they mess up. To be more specific, we follow one of the main characters, Mako Mari, through her thought processes. We see some unusual interactions between her and her commanding officer, Stacker Pentecost, which is revealed the reason behind this later on in the movie, which just happens to be a critical turning point. The interwoven storyline with the incredible machine v. monster battles only raise the bar for other directors to match in the future.



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