8. Mars Diaries

Mars Diaries (Novels). 2000, Author: Sigmund Brouwer.

          If you were to look and scan through any or all of my previous blogs, if you looked hard enough, you would find plenty of them if not all have a common theme. Ever since my childhood years, my fascinations to fantastic realms and far off places have grown steadily. Right alongside my ever increasing interest in astronomy I suspect. I think there’s something inside all of us that, when looking up at the heavens on a cloudless night, makes us yearn to know if there’s anyone up there. That’s precisely the place where Mars Diaries takes off. Tyce Sanders is the first and only human being born on Mars. He also just happens to be a virtual reality specialist, as well as the amazing ability to control robots using virtual reality. However, the same surgery that enables Sanders to do this, also crippled him when he was one year old. Everyone else currently on the Red Planet is either a scientist, botanist or technician working in the Mars science base. Tyce and the scientists working there are working hard to make Mars a habitable place. Different methods they use include pumping CO2 into the atmosphere (to make Mars able to trap more heat). Then, they plan to grow plants outside to increase the oxygen quantity and possibly make it possible for humans to live outside with no gear. There’s just one problem; there just happens to be a giant mega-corporation running this whole ordeal.

The very theme of Mars Diaries is what intrigued me to read it in the first place: science-fiction. I love the realism of this novel as well. Not in the sense of “this actually could happen” sort of realism, but “this is what could occur in a few years”. All the different technologies produced and experiments performed are all extremely likely to be reproduced within the next 20-30 years. The fact that everything in this book could happen relatively soon heightens my curiosity for these types of books.



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