10. Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War (Film). 2016, Dir: Anthony & Joe Russo.

          Captain America: Civil War is the third of the three Captain America movies from Marvel Studios. The film follows the storyline of the other two, Winter Soldier and The First Avenger. In an attempt to save the city from a time-ticking bomb, Scarlet Witch lifts the explosive high into the air… right next to a humanitarian relief building… where it just happens to go off. The whole world, in particular, the United Nations, is in an uproar over this atrocity. UN’s leader decides to call a meeting to determine the future of the Avengers and whether or not they should be government controlled or independent. Most of the world agrees they should be government-led, but some Avengers do not. After an encounter with the Secretary of State, Tony Stark feels adamant that the Avengers should side with the rest of the world and give in. Especially since Stark found out that the Secretary of State’s son was in the explosion, and she makes Tony feel every bit of remorse that she feels over her loss. Captain America respectfully disagrees to the treaty and leads many Avengers to do the same. With a new world threat growing, the Avengers must decide what the ethical thing to do is. Become fugitives and stop the ever-growing evil or side with the world and hold back? Either choice might cost them their lives, or the world.

          The first thing I have to say about Civil War is wow. This blockbuster was a visually stimulating film. The CGI, special effects and rendering were unlike anything I’ve seen before. Anthony & Joe Russo outdid themselves in all three of these elements. Captain America: Civil War merges fantastic graphics, as well as the soundtrack to make this a very appealing movie to watch and listen to.

          There’s also something to be said about Civil War’s climax. During this section, we see Iron Man and Captain America fighting one-on-one in an end-all battle for superiority over the Avengers. There’s plenty of intense combat and witty manoeuvres from both parties, but the big reveal at the beginning of this fight is what catches the viewer’s’ attention. Not giving anything away, I can say that it was a real game changer and made the fight between the Cap and Iron Man that much more real. But not just fighting for superiority, there’s plenty of emotion from both of them towards each other. Anger, betrayal and despair are in abundance during this scene. Those are some elements that made this a great story for me. Not just the regular fight scenes you usually get from a Marvel movie, but the directors creatively decided for the Avengers to fight each other. It adds a new level of emotion to the storyline. Overall, this film was one of the best superhero motion pictures I have ever experienced.



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