30 Day Challenge Q&A

  1. What are you planning on doing for your 30-day challenge? Make sure this is something that would be both a challenge but sustainable enough that you could reasonably participate it every, single day for a month.
    • My 30-day challenge will include doing a lesson of guitar every day, then practicing for 15 minutes. My lesson will come from the app Coursera that provides video lessons. It also provides me with assignments that I occasionally record and hand in for peer review.
  2. Why have you chosen this for your challenge? (A couple of sentences is fine)
    • I’ve wanted to learn how to play a different instrument for the longest time ever. My dad owns a guitar, I want to play it, but never had enough push to go and learn it.
  3. What resources will you need to complete your challenge?
    • I will need my dad’s guitar, my iPod with the lesson videos on it and app, a metronome, tuner, and a microphone to record me playing.
  4. How will you record your daily progress? (These are small things that you use as evidence each day – tweets, photos, journals, etc).
    • I will do an online journal entry on Twitter saying what I learned and how the challenge is going.
  5. How will you record your weekly progress in your blog (Slideshow, reflection, video, etc.)?
    • A cumulative video of everything I learned this week on guitar. Including songs, chord and picking techniques. I will post this on Twitter and my blog.
  6. What do you think you will learn or accomplish by the end of the month?
    • I am going to become a better musician by learning how to play the guitar. I’m hoping to develop a healthy habit of playing my guitar every day.acoustic-guitar-tips

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