Week 1 Update

  1. Remind us what your challenge was and why you chose it.
    • My challenge was to practice at least 15 minutes of guitar or to watch a lesson on Coursera on playing guitar.
    • I chose this challenge because I’ve been wanting to learn another instrument for a long time, and my dad has had a guitar that he hasn’t used in eons.
  2. How do you feel you’re doing so far?
    • My challenge has been going great. I love this challenge because it’s short, fun and can build a lasting habit. I hope to develop this habit to continue practicing guitar every day. The only drawback I’ve had to this challenge thus far is remembering to do it.
  3. What has been the hardest part so far, if any?
    • Nothing has been overly difficult so far, except that I’ve forgotten to do my challenge/was too busy to do it that day.
  4. Have you observed any changes so far? What are they?
    • I’m starting to become a better musician like I predicted I would at the beginning of this challenge. My note-reading skills have improved, as well as my ear for tuning and figuring out whether a pitch is sharp or flat.
  5. Do you need to make any changes at this point to make sure you’re successful or to make the challenge easier for yourself?
    • I think the only change I need to make at this point is making a schedule. This will allow me to build better habits and make it so that I’m less likely to forget.

Here’s a compilation video of everything I learned this week:


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