Just the Beginning

To recap these thirty days, I challenged myself to practise playing the guitar or watch a Coursera lesson video every day for a month. I chose guitar playing because I have wanted to learn a different instrument for a long time, but I’ve never had enough guts to start. Overall, I would rate this month an overall success. Looking back, out of those 30 days, I managed to complete my challenge 21 days, which I’m not too terribly proud of, to be honest. Speaking of things I’m not too proud of, the longest streak I had without missing a day is six days. Oh boy. If I were to solely base my performance on how many days out of the thirty I completed my challenge, my score wouldn’t be terribly high. However, looking back on what I’ve learned, I can see tremendous amounts of learning that took place during this challenge period. These past thirty days have provided a huge growing experience for me. I’ve taught myself a new skill, of course, but I’ve also learned the valuable life skills of goal setting and working to achieve those ambitions. Our class’s thirty-day challenge has revealed to me that a lot can be accomplished in the relatively short span of a month, which has also encouraged me to not only continue playing the guitar every day but to try other thirty-day challenges too.

I realised at the beginning of this month that merely setting the goal of playing the guitar every day was not enough. I developed strategies to aid me in being successful. One of these strategies included taking a set time every day, and I made sure it was known in my family that that was my time to practise. This allowed my family to keep me accountable. I also did this because I knew if a set time wasn’t set for myself every day, I wouldn’t do it.

This month brought mixed feelings for me. My opinion for my challenge is a mix of inspiration and complacency. While I am super impressed at myself for continuing with this challenge right until the end, I didn’t do as well as I could have or wanted to. The worst part of this month was going for four days in a row without practising. This made me feel discouraged. However, the best part of this challenge is still yet to come. As previously stated, this thirty-day challenge has opened my eyes to the amount of skill that can be achieved within the time span of one month. I will most certainly start other thirty-day challenges in the future.

My score I give myself for this #30DaysSrss Challenge:
4 out of 5 stars


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