Job Hunt

For the most recent “Dream Job” Assignment, we were told to find three current job listings online that would interest us. Not necessarily that we would do it in the future, but something you could see yourself doing. We looked on different job hunting websites, such as Workopolis and Monster, and corporate websites, such as Google. Here are the three careers I chose:

1) Google – Interaction Designer


Company: Google, Mountain View, CA, USA

Description: This is a job of extreme artistry and creativity. An Interaction Designer comes up with innovative and beautiful ways to present information, as well as making designs to make Google look attractive. This job involves thinking how the user would and asking, “What does the public want to see?” They create flowcharts, stories, sketches, 2D and 3D models and much more.

Training and Skills Required: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design, HCI, Computer Science or any related field;
  • Experience with visual design in HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • Experience in interaction design and user-centered design;
  • Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, HCI, Product Design, or any other related field;
  • Experience with one or more of these programming languages: Java, Objective-C, C++, C#.

Why I Chose This: This career is a combination of most of my biggest passions: graphic design, creativity, and computer programming. Plus, I’ve heard many good things about Google, such as their work environments, benefits, salary, etc. There is also very good job security as companies are always looking for creative people who know how to use a computer. Even more so now that we are moving into a technology-dominated area.


2) Warner Brothers – Music Director


Company: Warner Brothers, Burbank, California, USA

Description: To create music to suit the creative needs of Warner Bros. TV. This position requires you to deal with song placement within shows, as well as the creation of it. It also includes hiring musicians and singers for recording sessions.

Training and Skills Required: 

  • College degree preferred;
  • Minimum of 8-10 years of experience working with music clearance, music pitching and supervision;
  • Very knowledgeable in music clearance and licensing and song placement;
  • Effective negotiation and communication skills;
  • Connections to various publishers and record companies, as well as other professionals in that industry.

Why I Chose This: Although I wouldn’t ever choose this career exactly, I can see myself doing something similar to it. Creating and being a part of music is another one of my passions. I love the way music combines creativity with logical thinking, both things I am great at. Plus, being a director involves knowledge of a number of different instruments, which I would also love learning.


3) Design Group Staffing – Interior Designer


Company: Design Group Staffing, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Description: To give a person the title of “Senior Interior Designer” for Design Group Staffing involves designing the interior of buildings, of course, but also includes much more than that. This career requires lots of group work and team management. A Senior Interior Designer needs to have leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. Their role is to attract customers through decor and colour schemes. They also benefit the company by generating positive feedback.

Training and Skills Required:

  • A minimum 15 years of experience in the industry;
  • An Interior Design degree or diploma;
  • The proven ability to gain new clients and to keep current ones;
  • Great leadership, communication and organisation skills;
  • The ability to tackle multiple projects and priorities.

Why I Chose This: Interior Design is something I’ve discovered I have a knack for. It might just be my artistic and creative personality. I’ve noticed how I can walk into a room and instantly figure out changes that need to be done to that room. In addition to the creative side of this career, I have decent leadership abilities and I am very organized.


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